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Design & Facilitation Masterclass
(Onsite / Online)

Talk “with” and not “at” your audience in Authentic Point’s Design & Facilitation Masterclass.


Learn how to properly and powerfully deliver your presentation through the various presentation and facilitation techniques taught in this workshop. Be enlightened by our thought leader about the different effective delivery strategies for different types of audiences. 


Think about all the ineffective meetings you’ve had in the past; meetings where nothing really got done, people argued, or decisions simply weren’t made. Many meetings are unproductive and time-consuming. On the other hand, meetings are great opportunities to innovate, solve problems, and make decisions with the collective intelligence of a group.  


This is where facilitation skills enable better gathering between teams, stakeholders, or collaborators of any kind.  This makes meetings interactive and effective.


This 2 Days workshop will combine experiential activities, practice exercises, case studies, and reflection time to facilitate understanding, practice, and implementation of facilitation models and core techniques. 


This workshop aims to equip participants with the knowledge and ability to:

  • Good grasp of the concept, principle, and practice of facilitation

  • Understand the role of facilitator and differentiate it from the role of trainer

  • Discover and learn various process design templates, factors to consider when planning the agenda, and facilitation skills (context setting, active listening, verbal skills, conflict management, and time management) 


Core Facilitation Skills

  • Learn that the two most important elements in the facilitation process are designing the group process and guiding the group through the process. 

  • Understand the 3Cs in facilitation.

  • Learn how to frame the session to inject purpose and engagement

  • Discover the use of facilitation techniques using liberating structures.

Process Design

  • Learn and apply various design structure and processes to drive facilitation goals and objectives. 

  • Use guided templates to formulate facilitation questions. 


Delivery Verbal Skills

  • Learn core verbal skills to apply in context setting, communicating expectations, active listening. 

  • Tips and techniques for virtual delivery.  


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To anchor the learning, the virtual workshop will be delivered via MIRO (Real-time Board) and ZOOM. It incorporates a diverse range of interactive activities such as role-play practices, group discussions, breakout sessions, Case-study facilitation assignments, etc.






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