We are a heart and mind space provider where we allow an individual to put down their armour to be their authentic self without having to prove anything to anyone. Through a series of expressions, we aim to allow an individual to uncover their authentic purpose and identity of who they are.

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Here are three life questions we asked ourselves at certain times of our lives.


  • Who am I?

  • Where am I going?

  • How to get there?


Have you found yourself in the crossroads of life, floundering and lost, and wondering where to go from here?

Hi, I'm Fabian.

I'm a clarity life coach who has helped many individuals to uncover their unique beauty, identity, meaning and to move from success to significance. Many people often begin with where am I going and how to get there. If personal identity is not deeply understood, looking for destiny is like chasing the wind.


In Authentic Moment, we are a group of clarity life coaches who care deeply about people and their destiny.


Our unique expressions (programmes) are geared towards empowering you in the journey of discovering your true self.


Are you ready to take action?

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Authentic Moment’s goal is to aid individuals in their path to redefining their life’s perspective. Knowing one’s self is the first step to a fresh, enlightened, and unburdened life geared towards each one’s definition of success. 


Authentic Moment provides holistic guidance that taps into individuals’ body, heart, and soul through programs that are flexible and accommodating to each person’s different needs. 


S – Space


We create a psychologically safe space for authentic expression and discovery



A – Authentic

We are real and conduct authentic conversations to bring personal transformation



F – Faith

We have faith in the individual’s highest potential and their unique destiny and purpose.



E -  Energise

We energise and ignite an individual’s passion for life.

Are you ready to take action?

Book a complimentary discovery call to learn if I’m the right person to help you.

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