Uncover your personality beyond limitations. 

Uncover your authentic self for personal growth and breakthroughs

Outside your Box is your face (面子, mian zi). It is about how you show up and be the best version of yourself in the world outside you. What’s on the outside is not always the same on the inside.


Inside this box are your so-called “limitations” and fears. Part of redefining your perspective is understanding your personality, baseline before crafting a plan beyond it. Through this workshop, you will be guided on exploring your inner critics, pressure vs tension, the deep-seated pattern of thinking (limiting beliefs), discover your core purpose, and unleash you towards your destiny. 



What To Expect In This Program

Uncover and discover

Meaning and purpose


ME on the outside

  • What is my brand?

  • What is the best version of myself?


ME on the inside

  • Personality make up

  • Signature Strengths using VIA

  • Life journey mapping

  • Iceberg of my self-awareness

  • Triggers and hot buttons

  • My shadows and show stopper

  • Core process

  • Future ME

  • Constructing my destiny using LEGO   Serious Play

  • Life Planner

  • Mentoring support (up to 3 sessions) optional


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