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Case Studies
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Client Profile: 

Manufacturing MNC

Turnover  US$4.95Bn FY2021


To re-energise the workforce, drive positive work environment and build stronger Employee Engagement 

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Authentic Point developed a Company-wide Training Strategy.

Approached used - CliftonStrengths (Strengths Finder), BOX Process, LEGO Serious Play, Soundwave and Situational Leadership.


The Strategy was executed in 4 steps. 

1. Individual Engagement: Our aim here was to improve morale and intrinsic motivation at an individual level.

Tools used - CliftonStrengths, BOX method

Execution: We did this by using CliftonStrengths and allowing each individual to discover their unique strengths.

We helped the participants claim and aim their unique strengths for success. This was achieved via Group facilitation workshops called "unBOX your strengths".

Further, using the BOX strategy, we helped each individual unearth their self-imposed mental boundaries, and reflect on how they could break these barriers to activate their full potential. 

2.  Team Engagement: Once all individual employees had strength awareness and application exposure, we moved to improve employee engagement in teams. TOOLS USED - CliftonStrengths, Lego Serious Play

Execution: Our aim was to build a positive culture within teams, a culture that appreciated and applied individual and group strengths, and refrained from labelling people for their weaknesses.  For this, we facilitated the seminar called, "unLEASH your strengths. The session aimed to reflect on a team's strengths and how the team could utilize its combined strengths to achieve their business outcomes. 

Participants also used LEGO serious play to build and share their personal vision for their teams and the roadmap of how to get to success.

3. Making every manager a coach:   Research shadows that managers need to move from being a boss to being a coach. At Authentic Point, this is our belief as well.

Execution: We individually coached every manager to become a coach,  to allow them to guide their team members effectively, to build rapport and trust, and to achieve their team outcomes in a positive work culture, 

4. Coaching Leadership for Employee engagement: Our aim here was to train the C Suite according to the needs analysis. ( the details of which are confidential).  


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Client Profile: 

Food Delivery Start Up

Turnover  US$2.22 Bn FY2021


To make team members understand and imbibe the big picture vision and common purpose of the team.

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Authentic Point used Clifton Strengths (Strengths Finder) & LEGO Serious Play as an approach.

Build: Each team constructed a “Team Vision” model to bring to life the concept of their team vision and purpose.

They built in 2 stages:

1. Stage 1 – Each member created their own personal “Team Vision” Model using LEGO blocks.

2. Stage 2 – After sharing their individual model, Each team then co-created a common “Team Vision” model.


Share: Each team shared in 2 stages:

1. Stage 1 – Each member shared the thinking behind their personal “Team Vision” model. They used storytelling to share how they put their vision into blocks to make the model.

2. Stage 2 – Each team then debated and discussed what the common “Team Vision” model should look like. There was 100% participation, every opinion was acknowledged, and all ideas were brainstormed until the final version “Team Vision” was created.


Reflection: Teams shared with each other how they used the hands-on thinking process to build a Team Vision for effective future performance.

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Client Profile: 

Global Consulting Firm

Turnover  $US1.96 Bn FY2021


Use Play to develop Business strategy for a Busines Unit 

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Authentic Point used LEGO Serious Play as an approach.

Our client organized a 1-day Business Strategy seminar. The one day retreat was divided into two parts:  the morning session was about developing business strategy. The afternoon session was about exit tuition of business strategy.


Authentic Points used LEGO Serious Play as a tool to plan the execution of business strategy.

Participants used LEGO to build models to represent  the following:

- What they can do best to meet their strategy

- what they needed from their team to meet their business strategy

- When they could perform at their best and when they were at their lowest.


Participants used  LEGO to communicate indispensable team requirements such as trust, support, feedback and goalsetting using LEGO.


Every participant shared their emotions.

The session allowed the team members to appreciate each other’s strengths and challenges and laud the value they bring to the team.

Testimonial from Ivan Chin, CEO of Extraordinary People

Testimonial from Ivan Chin, CEO of Extraordinary People

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