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Facilitation Masterclass and Voice for Impact Workshop

What Clients Say about this workshop

"Thank you for the programme. I love the content strategy and how verbal strategy (SoundWave) was weaved in. Fabian's style of facilitation is really an inspiration as well. Great job, and I will definitely recommend this session." 
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Learning Outcomes

Learn to build your own content strategy, storytelling strategy & Voice strategy customised to the needs of your stakeholders. 

  • Understand the preferred engagement style of different kinds of stakeholders.


  • Build your Storytelling strategy to engage stakeholders in any meeting/ facilitation - Tailor your content to ensure maximum impact.


  • Pace out objections, build consensus, manage Q&A, and achieve goals. 


  • Understand your habitual patterns of speaking, customise your speaking style for maximum impact.


  • Build your verbal strategy for every meeting- how to match your voice to the context of your facilitation or presentation, making sure that every word resonates with your stakeholders.

Key Content Pillars

"Loved how the course was designed to put structure into making Storytelling something that everyone can learn and practice instead of it as a "gift". Thank you for the great session that comes along with tools that we can use.." 
Experienced Trainer, Medtronic
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Save The

4th-6th Oct,
9:00am - 5:00pm

Facilitation &
Voice for Impact 


Authentic Point reserves the right to amend or change the

training dates without prior notice

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Discover Facilitaion Mindset


Core Facilitation & Design Structure



Content Strategy


Facilitation Techniques and Process Design 



Organisation Application Exercise


Storytelling Skills & Linking / Connecting Skills 





Developing Stage Presence
& Authenticity 



SoundWave Fundamentals
Learning to Apply

Voice Navigation & Integration of content & Verbal Strategy


Experiential Learning Driven by Kolb Learning Cycle

Concrete Experience - Reflective Observation- Abstract Conceptualisation - Active Experimentation

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A comprehensive learning programme for your staff to empower them to impact.

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