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UnBOX Your Best Self 

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Want to Improve Your Thinking, Let's Build a Better BOX. 


What is this BOX?

This is a physical box, yes, an actual box & an invisible Box metaphor, that represents the boundaries of our thinking, our success and our identity. A powerful visual representation of our public and private selves. 

The Box may also be unconscious and invisible self-imposed limitations that we box ourselves in and limit our potential.

At Authentic Point,  we use the BOX technique (In and Out of BOX) created by Jimbo Clark to break self-imposed boundaries and expand our thinking to new strategies, new opportunities and new innovations. 

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To Improve Your Thinking, Build a Better Box. 

Creativity -Innovation - Change Management-Leadership Development- Unconscious Bias-
Team Alignment- Coaching- Mentoring 

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The Box

What does the BOX represent. 

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Your Box

Your BOX and you. 

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Box on / Box off

Build a Better BOX

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Your Success

A Better BOX to your better self and better world. 

In & Out of the BOX 

Case Study

"I am stuck in my job. It is no longer meaningful and I am feeling lost. I work hard but cannot seem to have a breakthrough. It is very frustrating ?"

What Client Says 

"Appreciate the authenticity, the many personal stories shared and insights. Can never learn everything, but it helps to have a facilitator who inspires continuous learning. Thank you!"
Connect with us for a Complimentary Consultation

Step 1: 
Schedule a Call

We'll take the time to understand your unique needs, then determine your best next steps.


Step 2: 
Receive your Proposal

We will prescribe learning solutions best suited for your organisation.

Step 3: 
Activate Learning

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A comprehensive learning programme for your staff to empower them to impact.

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 Engage Our Services 

 Explore to Learn More 

Voice For Impact       

UnBOX Your Strengths      ( For All Employees)


Leadership Development

Voice For Impact       (Mentoring)

UnLEASH Team Strengths     (For Intact Teams)

Personal Mastery

Creativity and Innovation

Facilitation Skills using SoundWave

Accelerate Team Strengths      (For Intact Teams)

UpLIFT Team Performance & Coaching (For Leaders)

Team Alignment using LSP

Leading with Engagement (For Leaders)

Visioning and Strategy using LSP

 Leadership Coaching 

Clifton Strengths (Strengths Finder)

Product Innovation


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