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For Individuals

Every leader needs support, new and experienced. New leaders need a starting point, and established ones need help to think disruptively and view challenges from new perspectives.

For Teams

No matter the size of your team, its success relies on every member being on the same page – headed in the same direction.

For Organisations

An organisation is only as strong as its people, meaning your business can be remarkably fragile or incredibly strong. To achieve to latter, organisations must optimise systems and processes – which requires the guidance of experts.

How We Engage and Inspire Workforces



Data Driven


Authentic Point co-creates programmes to match your specific needs, your organization’s character, and the context in which you work. We will support you in applying these programme’s key takeaways to boost performance and engagement at the workplace.

We use powerful tools and programmes to help our clients establish unshakeable baselines that take leadership styles, strengths, and room for improvement into account.

Our facilitators and coaches are brave enough to be vulnerable and serve from the heart, creating emotionally-secure environments that are conducive to deep reflection and learning.

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Signature Programmes

Well received Courses Engineered for Performance


Team Alignment Programme


Personal Mastery Programme


Executive Coaching and Performance


Design and Facilitation Masterclass

Accerelating Leadership Programme

How To Partner with Authentic Point

Our team partners with yours to develop and deploy workshops that empower, inspire, and motivate your leaders to pursue ongoing growth and professional development.

Workshop Topics Includes: 

  • Accelerated Leadership Programme

  • Design and Facilitation Masterclass

  • Team building

  • New Manager Excellence 

  • Effective Feedback Skills 

  • Design and Facilitation Skills

  • The Intentional Resilience Programme

  • Emotional Intelligence at the workplace

  • Gallup Strengths-Based Leadership

  • Performance Management  

  • Dealing with Transition and Change

  • Leading Situationally and leadership Styles

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Team Coaching

We collaborate with teams and cohorts to navigate complex leadership challenges as and when they emerge. On-site and remote coaching is available, with bespoke group programmes that include:

  • Monthly Team Calls with Participants

  • A six-week programme (6-8 Participants) with A Common Theme

  • 12-Week programme with Weekly Meetings + Assigned Projects

  • Blended programme (2 x Group Calls Monthly) + Individual Coaching Calls

Executive Coaching

Breed inspired leaders through solution-focused individual coaching. Our systematic programmes are action-oriented, keeping leaders at heart in all we do, with:

  • Pre-Coaching: Questionnaire, Interview, and Psychometric Assessments

  • Feedback and Development: We’ll craft an action plan based on all relevant data reviewed alongside you. From there, we can work together with your leader(s) to create a developmental action plan that leverages the executive’s strengths while addressing potential weaknesses and room for growth.

  • Closure and Evaluation: It’s time for the executive, coach, and HR to meet with the leader to evaluate development accomplishments against the agreed-upon objectives. While coaching session content should always be treated with confidentiality, discussing the developmental action plan and key progress benchmarks is a crucial part of the process.

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 Tools We Use


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