Barry Oshry

An organizational simulation workshop that changes people and organizations


The programme is a highly engaging and experiential exercise based on Barry's decades of research and observation of the systemic nature of people, teams and leaders in organizations.

Throughout the programme, participants learn strategic frameworks for making sense of the experiences they are having. These frameworks and the system sight they provide help participants draw actionable insights to stop repeating the same, ineffective patterns that occur so frequently in organizations.


The Organization Workshop

1. Leadership Development - develop leaders from all levels to be effective in leading and working with teams. 

2. Organizational Alignment - create clarity, mutual understanding, respect and collaboration across business units, functions and boundaries within an organization.

3. Change Management - develop mutual understanding, respect and support within an organization.


4. Conflict and Miscommunication - defusing hot-button issues within and across teams, understanding different sub-cultures within an organization. 

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