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Leadership Programme Designed to Increase Productivty and Profitability

Three ways Authentic Point enhances the effectiveness of your organisation team
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Develop a high-performance culture

Improve employee motivation, morale, and productivity for increased revenue and profitability.

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Attract and retain the best talent

Your people are your most important asset. Maxmise the impact of your organisation with top talent.


Create a robust leadership pipeline

Coaching and workshops to help your team communicate more effectively, reduce interpersonal conflict, and work toward goals.

Disengagement is Costing Your Organisation
The following statistics should be a wake up call for all HR Leaders and organisation Executives:






The Cost

About half of employees say they’re just showing up every day and are unwilling to put in any extra effort.
There is an 80% chance that an employee is disengaged if they are dissatisfied with their immediate supervisor.
The annual cost of poor management and lost productivity from disengaged employees is $450 -$550 billion, according to Gallup.
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Bespoke Leadership Programme
Elevate Engagement Throughout Your Organisation

As a Senior HR Leader, you are all too familiar with the annual engagement survey. It can be stressful when the numbers are stagnant or decreasing in your organization.

We will equip your leaders with the necessary skills to reverse the burden of disengagement and create a workplace that inspires employees to higher levels of performance. 

Outcomes you can expect:

  • Improve morale and company culture.

  • Reduce turnover and increase retention.

  • Fill your leadership pipeline with engaged employees. 

Team Alignment Programme
Enhance Team Communication and Collaboration

We understand that as a Leader, having team members who are not aligned and not working well together can be stressful and de-energising.   

This programme will help leaders and their team to increase self and team awareness.   It enables teams to embrace diversity and leverage the differences to elevate higher levels of performance. 

Outcomes you can expect: 

  • Be more aware of their own and team members' working & communication styles. 

  • Adopt open communication, nurture strengths, improve motivation and address blind spots.

  • Be aligned with the team's vision and commit to the team's charter.

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Executive and Advisory Coaching Programme
Redefine Perspectives on Issues to Generate New Possibilities

We will create a high impact for leaders, transitioning executives, and high potentials who want to quickly advance their skills and drive results for their company so they can create greater business success and more personal and professional satisfaction. 

We provide a proven and practical approach to development that gives leaders the critical competencies they need for success while providing real-time feedback on how their actions impact their effectiveness and business success.

Outcomes you can expect:  

  • Clarity for your vision and strategy for personal and business success and how to put those into play.

  • Accelerate business execution.

  • Powerfully influence others to drive business results.

Personal Development & Creativity
Discover Strengths and Unleash Personal Creativity 

We use Gallup Strengths-based approach to understand and identify personal strengths themes, gain awareness of strengths and apply it workplace context. 


In addition, we also help you use BOX methodology to explore the boundary of your thinking to enable you to think in-and-out of the box and how to get unstuck in your challenges and move toward personal growth and performance.

Outcomes you can expect: 

  • Study and be aware of personal success. 

  • Find more ways to apply strengths.

  • Use Strengths to achieve goals and performance. 

  • Becoming more resourceful and creative to solve your challenge.  

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Now on Sale

We'll co-create personalised programmes to develop your high potential leaders.

Bespoke 1/2 day and full-day workshops to support your leaders in their ongoing growth and professional development.

Custom programmes for employees navigating the increasingly complex challenges that emerge as they take on greater leadership roles.

Highly personalised one-to-one coaching helps top talent leverage their strengths and core competencies with context-driven support.

Team Coaching

Executive Coaching


Some Organisations We Work With
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Some feedback that encourages us

Erin Huberty 

Global Product Support & Chief of Staff


The facilitator's delivery of our MBTI was absolutely fantastic.


He has an excellent grasp of the subject matter and conducted the course in an interesting, engaging, and truly enjoyable way. I can't recommend him highly enough.

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Build a high-performance culture and increase your talent pipeline and your bottom line.

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engaged Employees save You Time & Money

Get expert guidance to increase performance, productivity and profitability.

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Discover the leadership tips to accelerate team performance and business growth.


In this powerful guide, discover the proven principles that lead to extraordinary success in leadership.


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