Our Story

Like any other business, ours started with a dream – literally. Our founder was fast asleep one night when he dreamt he was pregnant. All jokes aside, our founder quickly learned that the reason for this dream was deeper and more profound than he could ever have imagined. 


Still asleep, our founder was rushed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where he delivered his baby and heard a divine voice speak three words that still ring in his ears to this day. "I will provide." 


Awoken with a start and the goosebumps to match, our founder was relieved to see that he wasn’t expecting a real baby. He was, however, impregnated with seeds of overwhelming purpose that had been planted in his mind and heart – and he knew it was his duty to bring them into the world.


Born in 2017, Authentic Point exists to diagnose and treat the critical problems faced by so many businesses worldwide today. From Singapore to London to New York, our inspired team heeds the call of duty to take ambitious businesses off life support by aligning their workforce to skyrocket performance and truly take their organisations to higher ground.

Meet The Team


Admin & Marketing Lead


Ian Howard

Managing Director

Fabian Lim

Lead Facilitator

Carol Lim

Karen Joy

Lead Facilitator


Our Mission

We help leaders to engage their work/life purposefully to produce meaningful outcomes through Strengths-Based Development methodology.

Our Values


We seek first to understand and be understood. 


We are real and have the interest of others at heart.


We are resilience and solve challenging issues collaboratively


We are keen learners and connect the latest thinking to real-world applications.


We are trusted advisors and carry an innate desire to empower others to impact.

Fun Facts
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We are grateful to be given the opportunities to influence and impact talents across many organisations in Asia.




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How We Can Help?

  • Accelerated Leadership Programme:

Engage every leader on your team to fast-track their passion, purpose, and potential, through deep self-evaluation and active learning.

  • Team Alignment Programme:

Get your workforce on the same page with a strategic, tailored-to-you programme that shows you how to transform your team into high-performing leaders who confidently lead the organization in the right direction.

  • Personal Mastery Programme:

Help each team member grasp the value of their role so they can cultivate their talents and unlock their highest potential.

  • Executive Coaching and Performance:

Upskill your C-Suite with key business skills that set every executive on the right trajectory to enhance personal performance.

  • Design and Facilitation Masterclass:

Discover the frameworks, skills, and tools you need to design and implement engaging collaborations with your team.

Why Choose Us?

Experiential Learning Design

We believe that the best way to learn is not by studying, but rather, by doing. This is why our curriculum and experiential design team works closely and carefully to create truly immersive learning experiences that are caught, not taught. Built, not drilled.


We explore every fragment of the programme design narrative, from space layout to thematic styling to audio-visual design. This is how we promise impactful experiences your team will never forget.

Authentic and

At Authentic Point, there’s no room for arrogance or egotism. It takes a unique kind of courage to be vulnerable, which is the only way to create an authentic space that encourages emotion and makes room for deep reflection and learning.


Our people serve from the heart, and they’re not afraid to go the extra mile to make everyone feel valued while keeping your distinct learning objectives in mind.


Communication makes or breaks any interaction, which is why pressing play on the appropriate dialogue isn’t optional. It’s essential. By prepping the stage for broad narratives among clients and stakeholders, our team can unearth powerful insights into underlying issues that could be impacting relational dynamics.


With your entire team on the same page, effective facilitation and reconciliation will ensue – which we achieve through relevant workplace interventions that foster deeper engagement and higher performance across the board.

Research shows that at least 63% of businesses believe retaining staff to be tougher than hiring new employees. Sadly, employers are spending over a billion dollars a year searching for replacement workers. And to think – all of this can be avoided through employee engagement.

When you choose Authentic Point as your partner in leadership training, you will walk away with the invaluable insights and education you need to lead your people with the confidence and conviction of champions. We promise to leave you energised and inspired to finally push your organisation to higher ground, achieving more than you likely ever thought possible for your team.

Authentic Point proves time and time again that employee engagement is not an expense – it’s an investment. With 69% of employees shown to work harder when appreciated and invested in, Authentic Point is the obvious choice for ambitious businesses and executives who want to inspire action in their teams. When you’re ready to get your workforce on the same page of productivity, passion, and growth – even in today’s ever-evolving business environment – Authentic Point will be ready to take you there.

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